About Us
We Source, We Fund, We Incubate, We Develop

Founded in 2012, Potential Excelerate Group LTD (PE GROUP) is a leading private equity investment holding company privately owned by Malaysian-born Dato’ Sri Dr Sherwin Chew. PE Group is a hybrid private equity fund manager that consolidates capital, human resources, capabilities and networking to help businesses expand their operations and explore new growth opportunities in order to create greater value for them. Ultimately, its aim is to ensure investors achieve a higher return on their investments.

Who are we?

PE Group has ambitious plans to set up subsidiaries across Europe and in the major countries of the Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN). It also believes in growing its investee companies via its new and innovative business model, PE Group has successfully helped existing businesses unleash their full potential by leveraging on their equity to create tremendous shareholders’ value.

As an investment consultancy firm offering advice on corporate finance, PE Group also specialises in mergers and acquisitions besides participating in joint ventures with other companies. It sees tremendous opportunities in private equity investment as a channel to raise funds from the corporate market. PE Group’s diversified investment in the investee companies are concentrated in information and communications technology (ICT), Artificial Intelligence, New Age Retail, Smart Home Development, Green Technology and Design & Art Creativity.

In tandem with its tagline, ‘Steps Towards Sustainability’ PE Group believes in guiding its team and investee companies towards sustainable wealth creation. As such, it has initiated a unique global enterprise alliance that pools together expertise from different fields through resource integration and innovative business strategies. At the same time, PE Group strives to demonstrate its core values in its execution for both investors and the investee companies.

The PE Group’s mission is to work together with its partners, stakeholders and investors to achieve wealth sustainability together. This includes the SMEs that PE Group has invested in the private equity platform. Its vision is to establish itself as a leading investment holding and marketing distribution company in ASEAN. PE Group is committed to grow its investment portfolio with innovative products and financial knowledge services while maintaining its core values through transparent execution and maximising its investors’ return on investment.

Our Philosophy

The Group’s core values are transparency, integrity, accountability & team work. PE Group’s investment philosophy hinges on diversity, which explains its diversified investment portfolio. Always on the lookout for new ideas and fresh concepts, PE Group makes it a point to conduct research and due diligence to determine if they are viable and workable. Before selecting a private equity project or company, it will examine whether it meets three criteria creative business model, management team and liquidity. The last criterion carries an important weight as the exit strategy represents a major concern in private equity investment.

Future Plans

PE Group intends to become a world-class player in private equity in the not too distant future. It recognises the untapped business opportunities in ASEAN and the fact that many of its local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) lack of financial and capital market knowledge on how to leverage on private equity to grow their business.

In future, PE Group plans to spread its wings to Southeast Asia. It will focus first on the populated and fast growing ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Its ultimate goal is to invest in 30 to 50 companies in Asia.


To establish PE group as the leading investment holding company and marketing distribution company in ASEAN while maintaining our uncompromising values as we grow through innovative products, financial knowledge services, transparency in execution and maximise the return of investment.


To become a world class corporate group to serve the people in ASEAN region.

Core Values

Be professional with every interaction with employees, customers and vendors. Treat them with the utmost respect, honesty, directness and follow through.


We exhibit integrity by always interacting with others ethically and honourably. We fulfil the promise of our mission through behaviour that reflects honesty, responsibility, and fairness.


We build trust that fosters organizational success and sustainability through our commitment to social and financial accountability. We are accountable to each other and to our stakeholder to operate in a financially responsible and operational effective manner.

Team work

We are a group of common people working as a team with analytical techniques to achieve uncommon results.

Investment Criteria and Preferences
  1. Containing wide & durable economic moats
  2. Possessing indestructible intangible know-how
  3. Pertaining disruptive technology or business model
  4. Allowing long runway on addressable market
  5. Providing sustainable long term growth
  6. Possessing high integrity and owner-oriented management
  7. Creating positive value and behaviour to the society
Managing Director, PE Group Ltd.

Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young. But set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” Dato' Sri Dr. Sherwin Chew